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 United Nations declared the work by JOSÉ PADILLA of "UNIVERSAL INTEREST"


At the composer's Parisian home, in the city where he lives since 1918, a plaque of homage has been rendered by the capital of France, which welcomes:

"To the Glory of the Music of José Padilla"

Creator of world icons, of cultural heritage of different countries, its international representation, inspiring brilliant contemporary art, José Padilla is called "Genius of Modern Music" in America.

His music inspires all the arts : spectacular architecture in New York, theaters for 3,550 spectators, as in Baltimore, masters of  the international avant-garde painting, with works in the major museums such as the MoMA in New York, Tate Gallery in London, Albertina in Vienna... French and Italian literature, designs, perfumes in Europe and America, cinema from Germany to the United States ...

More than 300 films, from all over the world, with his music, from the most outstanding directors, Woody Allen, Fellini, Kurosawa, Ernst Lubitsch, Mike Nichols, Ripstein, Mihailkov, Ermanno Olmi, Dino Risi, Cedric Klapisch, Angelopoulos, Martin Brest, John Turturro, Sir Ridley Scott ... United States, Russia, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Greece, Argentina, Mexico, Morocco: cinema, memory and feeling of the international society, expression of the universality of José Padilla.

Jose Padilla premieres with great success continuously in the different countries, where he also lives : Paris, in the prestigious Champs Elysées Theater, Théâtre de l'Avenue, Gaité Lyrique, Opera of Marseille... America, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy... 

Music so beloved, which we all know, since generations, that names children of the different continents, present in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in London 2012, in the great world literature: Saroyan in the United States, Nobel Prizes, from France Francois Mauriac, and his son Jean, in an emotive continuity, the great thinker Edgar Morin, whom I had the honor to interview on his birthday, during the tribute dedicated to him by France at the Eiffel Tower, and the great Borges and Cortázar from Argentina, as Bioy Casares, and the Peruvian Bryce Echenique, the Cuban Cabrera Infante, the Filipino Elmer Ordoñez, in Italy Savinio, brother of the great painter Giorgio de Chirico...

"Valencia", "La Violetera", "Princesita" , "El Relicario", tangos in Argentina played by Gardel, as "El Taita del Arrabal", Italian music premiered in Italy and considered as their own in this country, such as "Fontane",  and "Estudiantina Portuguesa", popular anthem in the Carnation Revolution in Portugal, where his wife the singer Lydia Ferreira was born, and so many works in France, as "Ça c'est Paris" with which this country and the Light City is identified in the world. 

Painting inspired by the Music by José Padilla

He develops all genres, works for orchestra, ballet, opera, piano, chamber music, and jazz,

in France, in the cradle of the genre, operette, classical and renewed, zarzuela, songs, cinema in Spain and France...

The artistic activity of José Padilla is also extended in wide variety: orchestra conductor, and pianist, with international tours from the London Coliseum, to Singapore, Oslo... painting, architecture, publisher, producer, stage director ... Great traveler, his international diary, full of vitality, beauty, modernity and poetry, as his personality, is as fascinating as his life and his work, which is flying around the world.

NY Architecture inspired by the Music of José Padilla