23 de Mayo, 2023

                        MUSIC IN THE WHOLE WORLD

" It  ever  won't  be  such  a  world success  and  popularity.

A  universal  madness  - 

The  author  :  JOSE  PADILLA"

"Sweeps  London  suddenly  and  irresistibly"

  New York Times  

"A  Perfect  Musician" 

        - Opera (France)  

United Nations

The diversity and thematic variety of his compositions, the fact of having been conceived, premiered

and represented in multiple places and countries;

having been used for the most different purposes; performed by the most varied and famous artists,

and, in sum, to have been repeated by millions of human beings from all continents, give his work

and, therefore, its author, a true international dimension.

It can be affirmed without risk of error, that the music of Padilla has come to be integrated in the weave and warp of the universal popular culture.


We care for the music by JOSE PADILLA